Malnar Industries Ltd. is a proven manufacturer of aluminum circular evaporators and aircooled condensers. For over 18 years the superior quality of Malnar circular evaporators has proven its effectiveness time and time again. At Malnar Industries, we take pride in the products we sell. Custom steel and aluminum fabrication, we are doing the small jobs and the larger contracts, with over 25 years of engineering experience and knowledge in the industrial refrigeration industry, we affiliate directly with our customers needs. Our first-hand knowledge in customer service is largely due to the fact that our sister installation and service company, M.S. Industrial Refrigeration, is one of our customers. We are always ready to take on new projects and are not afraid of the challenge of hard work.


903 Marion Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2J 0K7
Phone: (204) 237-4881
Fax: (204) 233-6936